Hotel Lilongwe, Antarctica, the Amazon, and More

With what many people would consider to be some of the slightly more unusual holiday hot spots such as Hotel Lilongwe, Malawi, or Antarctica becoming more popular amongst keen holiday makers every single year, perhaps it’s time you tried broadening your horizons and trying somewhere other than an all-inclusive resort in Spain. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that, if that’s indeed what you like, but if you’re thinking about trying somewhere new for your next holiday, why not take a look at these unusual holiday hot spot suggestions and see if they pique your interests?

Hotel Lilongwe, Malawi

Malawi is one of the most visited locations in all of Africa and it is a fantastic destination for tourists, travellers, and sightseers that want something more than simply alcohol and beaches from their holidays. There are a number of stunning hotel Lilongwe destinations to stay in Malawi, with the renowned Kumbali lodge being considered one of the firm favourites. Whilst in Malawi you will enjoy stunning warm weather, diverse wildlife, stunning grasslands, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, great tasting cuisine, and much more besides.

hotel Lilongwe


Going from the warmth and greenness of Malawi, to the cold, white, and desolate extremes of Antarctica, you probably shouldn’t visit here if you’re going abroad to simply enjoy a sun tan. If however, you want to see one of the most magical parts of our planet and follow in the footsteps of world famous explorers such as Shackleton and Scott, Antarctica is for you. Just be sure to wrap up warm.

The Amazon

The Amazon is a travellers’ dream come true as it is home to so many different species of animal that naming them all would be near impossible. The rainforest that makes up the majority of the Amazon simply has to be seen to be believed as simply describing its vast scale will not do it any justice in the slightest. The Amazon river is another river that you simply must see whilst there, but be wary if you go swimming as there are a number of creatures to be cautious of, including piranhas.


Transylvania is of course steeped in rich stories and folklore surrounding vampires, including count Dracula himself but other than being distinctly vampire-related, the city itself is actually really quite beautiful. With amazing architecture, culture, museums, theatres, and much more besides, Transylvania is about so much more than living in Dracula’s shadow, though if vampires are of an interest to you then you’ll want to book your tickets as soon as you possibly can.


Providing you wrap up warm, Siberia is nowhere near as harsh as some TV shows or movies would have you believe, and in reality it has a certain magic about it, especially during the winter near Christmas time. Whilst here you can visit reindeer herders, tour the polar museum located in St Petersburg, stand on the North Pole, marvel at the diverse wildlife on offer, and much more besides.

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