Languages Spoken in Malawi, its Surroundings, Population, and More

Malawi is an extremely diverse part of Africa, evident in the fact that there are many different languages spoken in Malawi, which we’ll be covering in more detail shortly. Exotic holidays and getaways are very much “in fashion” right now, with people opting to broaden their horizons slightly by venturing out to parts of the world not commonly associated with conventional holidays and getaways. The end results often find them enjoying what they consider to be one of, if not the, best holidays of their lives. Africa is proving especially popular, in particular Malawi. Despite Malawi being one of Africa’s most popular holiday destinations, many people still don’t know that much about it, other than the fact that it’s located in Africa of course. To help enlighten you, and shed a little more light on exactly what it is that makes Malawi so popular amongst tourists and holidaymakers each year, here’s a look at some unique, and sometimes surprising facts about Malawi.

Languages Spoken in Malawi

Of the many languages spoken in Malawi, you may be surprised to learn that English is the official language of this country, with the national language being Chichewa. There are a number of other languages spoken in Malawi, including: Chiyao, Chinyanja, Chinsena, Chilomwe, Chitumbuka, and more besides. For one country, which is far from being classed as large, this is an extremely impressive feat which demonstrates just how diverse the country really is.

languages spoken in Malawi

Natural Resources

There are a number of natural resources native to Malawi, with the most prevalent resources including hydropower, uranium deposits, limestone, bauxite, and coal. Many of these resources have to be mined, so naturally the mining industry is one of the country’s main sources of income.

National Holiday

Like other countries, Malawi too has a national holiday each year, which falls on the 6th of July, and is known as the independence day of Malawi.


Malawi is a landlocked country surrounded by the stunning lake Nyassa, aka Lake Malawi. It homes a number of different national parks that many people consider to be some of the most popular and prominent features of this little country.


As mentioned, Malawi is far from considered as being a large country, demonstrated by the fact that it is home to around just over 13, 600 people, which belong to a hole variety of different ethnic groups.


Maize is considered one of the most popular and staple grains of the region and it was actually introduced to Malawi by the Portuguese people.

Lake of stars

The most famous lake in Malawi is the aptly named “Lake Malawi” (Nyassa), and it was actually given the unofficial nickname as the “lake of stars” by renowned Scottish explorer David Livingstone. He gave the lake this magical sounding nickname due to the fact that at nighttime, the lights from the lanterns of the many fishing boats on the lake resembled twinkling stars.

When you are looking for a completely different holiday and one where you will be able to really learn about a different culture and way of life you should visit Malawi for your next destination. Africa is becoming a far more popular destination every year, and you only need to visit to understand why.


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