Lilongwe Car Hire : Top Tips for Hiring a Car Abroad

Lilongwe car hire can be tricky if you’ve never hired a car before, which is why we’ll be taking a look at a few top tips for hiring a car abroad, namely in Lilongwe, Malawi. Did you know that Africa is now one of the most frequented holiday destinations in the entire world, and sees tourists and holidaymakers from all across the globe flock here in droves every single year? When you consider the fact that Africa is home to some of the most stunning and diverse wildlife and natural scenery on the planet, it’s easy to understand why. Lilongwe Malawi is the destination of choice for many keen holidaymakers and if you’re heading there for your getaway this summer, you may want to think about your travel options in advance.

Lilongwe car hire is an essential for many tourists and holidaymakers as a car is what allows them the freedom to explore the surroundings on their own terms in their own time, without having to rely on public transport. If you’re thinking of taking advantage of the Lilongwe car hire services currently available in the region, here are a few top tips to ensure things run as smoothly as possible; for more information on Lilongwe click here.

Lilongwe car hire

Check the Hire Firm’s Fuel Policies

One of the most common causes of increased and unnecessary charges when hiring a car abroad is the fact that a lot of people will return the vehicles with near empty fuel tanks, despite the fact that the hire firm may have stipulated (often in small print) that the vehicle should be returned with at least a half-full tank, sometimes even a full tank of fuel. It may not seem ideal, having to fill a tank up with fuel out of your own pocket before returning the vehicle, but the charges for returning a car with an empty tank will be far greater than it costs to put some fuel in. Always check which rates the fuel is charged at, as some can offer lower rates than those offered at fuel stations.

Supply your Own Sat Nav

To rent sat navs for the day, many car hire firms will charge a lot of money and as you won’t actually know where you’re going anyways, you’re going to need a sat nav, unless of course you prefer to do things the old fashioned way and use a map. Rather than hiring a sat nav, take your own with you as this will be much cheaper. Better yet, most smartphones have built in GPS systems.

Purchase Cover Before Heading Abroad

If you’re certain that you’re going to be taking advantage of the Lilongwe car hire services offered in Malawi, rather than trying to sort cover out on your getaway, why not take care of everything from the comfort of your own home instead? Obviously you’re going to need insurance cover, but taking care of cover before you get abroad, will allow you to understand exactly what you are and aren’t covered for, and will help things run that little bit smoother when you do finally reach your destination. If you’re away for longer than two weeks for example, annual policies are generally cheaper.

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