Lilongwe Hotels; Invaluable Tips for Travellers to Malawi

When travelling to Malawi for the first time you will be somewhat unaware of what to expect; the culture, climate, and whole way of life are a far cry away from what you will leave back at home. Malawi is nestled between Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zambia, and provides a climate for their visitor that is a lot cooler than its surrounding and neighbouring countries. A popular destination for travellers from around the globe, your choice of Lilongwe hotels is crucial to the overall quality of your stay.

The majority of visitors to Malawi will head to the capital, Lilongwe, and here you will be met by a wide choice of accommodation options that will suit all tastes and budgets. Unknown by many people, Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi has not one, but two cities centres, each offering a vastly different atmosphere to the visitor. The old city centre of Lilongwe is made up of bustling streets, narrow cobbled alleyways, and a wide choice of very affordable eateries as well as souvenir shops.

Although the old city of Lilongwe is the perfect destination for a cultural visit to Malawi, the sheer heat of the streets can become overwhelming if you decide to stay in one of its many budget-friendly hotels. The new city centre may therefore seem a more wise choice for your stay in Lilongwe, its modern hotels coming with all the modern conveniences you may expect to find in the Western world such as air conditioning and spacious rooms with en-suite facilities.

lilongwe hotels

A hotel in the new city centre of Lilongwe may provide the perfect base for a business trip to Malawi, or a place to sleep after a long day sightseeing; what it will not provide you with however is a real feel of Malawi and the way of life of the locals. Of all the Lilongwe hotels that you can choose from for your time in in Malawi, a country lodge set within easy reach of the city centres will provide you with the perfect base camp for your time in the country.

Lilongwe hotels such as the Kumbali Country lodge,, offer the visitor to Malawi a perfect retreat where they can relax after a long day in the city or trekking in the national parks. With the lodge being situated just a few kilometres outside the city centre, the temperature and humidity levels will drop to a perfect level to really enjoy what this marvellous country has to offer. The family-run lodge provides a courtesy shuttle to and from the city centres, and equipped with all the modern conveniences you require such as a swimming pool and in-house restaurant, you can easily lose a whole afternoon simply sitting back and watching nature and breathing in the Malawi air.

A trip to Malawi would never be complete without the opportunity to take in the stunning landscapes and wildlife that roam in the vast National Parks outside the confines of the bustling city centres. Swap your traditional and stuffy hotel room in Lilongwe for one that provides you with the perfect base for your time in Malawi when you choose a country lodge such as Kumbali Country Lodge; a family run lodge that pays attention to every little detail in order to ensure that your time in Lilongwe is perfect in every way.

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