Lilongwe Malawi: 4 things you Probably Didn’t Know

Lilongwe Malawi is one of the most beautiful parts in all of Africa and it is surprisingly turning out to be quite the tourist hotspot as well. It’s no secret that Africa is a vastly popular holiday destination, which is partly due to the diverse wildlife and natural scenery and surroundings on offer in the country. Lilongwe Malawi however, is a relatively quiet and quaint little part of the country but despite this it is turning out to be one of the most popular destinations for tourists and holidaymakers from all across the globe. But what exactly is it that makes Malawi, and indeed Lilongwe Malawi, so popular, and perhaps more importantly, what can you expect to find in the region? To help provide an answer for those questions, plus to give readers a better understanding about what Malawi is all about, here are 5 things you didn’t know about the region.

It Features a Brewery

Let’s face it, we all love a beer don’t we, especially when on holiday and if you plan on visiting Malawi you’ll be very pleased to hear that Malawi actually features the only Carlsberg brewery in all of Africa. Carlsberg are of course one of the giants in the beer brewing world and if you’re a fan of beer, particularly Carlsberg beer, you’ll be in your element. Carlsberg is currently the official beer of the Malawi national soccer team and is the most popular beer in Malawi. A bottle of Carlsberg is referred to as a bottle of the “green” because of the green glass bottle.

Lilongwe Malawi

Malawi was the first African Country to Grow Tea Commercially

If beer doesn’t take your fancy then perhaps tea will? If you love yourself a good brew then Malawi may be of particular interest to you because it has been producing delicious tasting tea for well over a century now and is was actually the very first African country to grow and produce tea on a commercial scale. Tea is still a big earner for Malawi as it is the second largest export earner, second only to tobacco.

It is the Most Densely Populated yet Smallest Country in Southern Africa

The country of Malawi has a population density of around 139 persons/km2 and features a population of just over 13 million people, making it the smallest yet the most densely populated country located in entire Southern Africa region.

It’s a Fish Lover’s Paradise

If you’re a fish lover, and we’re talking about aquarium enthusiasts rather than those that enjoy eating fish, you’ll be in your element once you visit Lake Malawi. Of any lake in the world, no matter how big or small, Lake Malawi contains more species of fish than any other. There are around 1000 completely different species of fish currently thriving in the lake, including an array of colourful and eye-catching species of cichlid fish. If you’ve ever set foot in a garden centre or pet store selling tropical fish, chances are you’ll have seen several species of cichlids as they’re very popular in the fish keeping community due to their bright colours and interesting behaviour. Seeing them in the wild however, is far better than any aquarium.

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