Lilongwe Wildlife Centre: Preserving the Wildlife of Malawi

Malawi is a poor country, a country where the average person survives on just $1.50 a day. However, this warm heart of Africa extends its welcome far beyond the tourists that visit its lands every year, the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre being a prime example of just how warm hearted the people of Malawi really are.

The Lilongwe Wildlife centre is located right in the heart of Malawi’s capital, and it is a must see when travelling to Malawi and Lilongwe. Established in 2007, the centre boasts 180 acres of wilderness reserves, where conservation and education are a part of everyday life for the local residents. Lilongwe wildlife centre was set up by the Born Free Foundation, the foundation having constantly supported the project over the years and to the present day.

Malawi is the 10th poorest country in the world, and it is far too easy to take a holiday in Malawi without appreciating what it is really like to live there with the limited resources available to the locals and not to those on holiday. Pressure on natural reserves in Malawi is at an all-time high due the ever increasing population, and Malawi is currently experience the 5th highest deforestation rate in the world.

Lilongwe wildlife centre

Unfortunately, the illegal trade of bushmeat is still commonly practiced in Malawi, and it is only with the help from the Wildlife centre and its dedicated staff that animals are simply not becoming extinct. The Lilongwe Wildlife centre is currently home to over 200 rescued animals, and it is the only accredited sanctuary in the country. The centre offers educational programmes to over 20,000 students every year, teaching the local population from an early age the importance of preserving the wildlife around them.

There are four main focuses at the Lilongwe Wildlife centre, these being the rescue and welfare of animals, the conservation and protection of wildlife habitat, environmental education, and community empowerment. By teaching the population of Malawi about the importance of sustaining the environment from an early age, the wildlife centre is a landmark in Lilongwe that its locals are rightfully immensely proud of.

Preservation of wildlife in Malawi is a key issue that is shared by many other developing and poor countries. Although Malawi is constantly improving its links with the outside world and providing easier routes of access to its tourists, the country still has many issues that need to be resolved and worked upon in order to sustain itself correctly.

When visiting Malawi, a trip to the Wildlife centre will be an emotional journey into the real warm heart of Africa. Here you will be able to experience the real dedication of some of the world’s poorest people, and the education of a nation that is one of the very poorest in the world. The constant work to preserve the environment and wildlife of Malawi carried out at the Wildlife centre is work that is worthy of much praise, many of the workers at the centre being volunteers from countries far and wide who have fallen in love with the warm heart of Africa.

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