The Birds of Malawi; The Wildlife, The Weather, and More

Whether you’re looking to see firsthand just how beautiful and majestic the birds of Malawi can be, the vast cultural differences and heritages that Africa has to offer, or simply head abroad and experience a stunning holiday that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, Africa could very well be the destination for your next holiday. The majority of us work hard throughout the week, often over the weekend too as far as housekeeping and parenting is concerned, and so naturally it’s perfectly normal to find ourselves becoming burnt out and needing a holiday to rest and recharge our metaphorical batteries, so to speak.

As far as holidays are concerned, rather than heading to slightly generic locations such as Benidorm, or all-inclusive resorts that feel more like prison camps than luxury hotels, why not consider somewhere different for your next holiday? If you’re fed up of drunken, rowdy holiday makers, Karaoke, frozen chips and cheap yet equally nasty booze, why not set your sights a little further afield than Europe? How about Africa? Africa is becoming more and more popular amongst holiday makers every single year, and for very good reason too. Africa is diverse, it is beautiful, it’s like nowhere else on the planet, and above all else, it’s highly enjoyable. Here are four great reasons why you may want to visit Africa for your next holiday.

The Weather

Let’s face it, one of the main reasons why we choose to jet or sail off abroad on holiday each year is to escape the drizzle, the dull grey skies, and the chilly wind and hopefully top up our tans, bask in warm sunshine, and generally kick back and relax as we gently warm our bones in the process. The weather in Africa has something for everybody as the sunshine is warm and pleasant, which is perfect for relaxing by the sea, or around a pool whilst reading a book and sipping on an ice cold cocktail.

As well as warm temperatures and pleasant sunshine, for those of you who like your weather a little more dramatic, if you visit Africa during storm season, often throughout the day you will enjoy warm temperatures and hot sunshine, and at night time you will be able to marvel at some of the most impressive thunder and lightning you will ever encounter in your life. Some areas of Africa during the storm season are literally a storm chaser’s paradise. Don’t like storms? No problem, just make sure you don’t book your stay during storm season, although naturally we can’t guarantee what the weather will be like.

Vast Diversity

Africa is the second largest continent in the entire world, and for that reason it is considered a vast and divergent expanse of a whole variety of different lands, each one unique like nowhere else on the planet. Where else can you encounter scorched deserts, waterfalls, rivers, expanses of grassland, coastlines, mountains, and woods and forests in the same continent? Nowhere, which is another reason why Africa is so popular. The lands are diverse, as are the people and their cultures and heritages, not to mention the wildlife.

the birds of Malawi

The Wildlife

To begin with, Malawi is an extremely popular holiday destination in Africa, thanks in part to the stunning birds of Malawi and other different species of creature inhabiting the area. For bird lovers, the birds of Malawi simply have to be seen to be believed as they’re as majestic as they are stunning, and come in a whole variety of different species, colours, shapes, and sizes. For fish lovers, lake Malawi is also well worth a visit as it is home to some of the most vibrant, unique, and stunning species of tropical fish on the planet.

That’s just Malawi, we haven’t even gotten to the savannah grasslands yet! Africa, especially the grasslands, is home to species of animal you would only ordinarily ever see in a zoo, and sometimes not even then. There are lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants, hippos, rhinos, crocodiles, bats, lizards, snakes, gazelle, zebra, monkeys, and much, much more besides. Seeing these stunning and beautiful animals in their natural habitat is something only a select few people on this planet will ever be able to truly experience, and if you wish to become one of these select few, make sure you choose Africa as your next holiday destination.

The Cuisine

Food lovers will also be in their element as African cuisine is highly underrated and extremely delicious. With firm favourites such as bunny chow (a hollowed out bread loaf packed full of delicious stewed meats and vegetables) and Mozambique style Piri Piri chicken, it’s no wonder why foodies flock here in droves each year.

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