Things to do in Lilongwe; Four Amazing Suggestions

If you’re looking for things to do in Lilongwe, Malawi, rest assured that there are plenty of suggestions for you, many of which you probably never considered before, which are guaranteed to make your stay in Malawi unforgettable. Each year, more and more people are choosing to visit Africa for their holidays and vacations, with Malawi in particular proving especially popular amongst tourists all over the world. Malawi is such a diverse part of Africa, that there is something for everybody here. In particular, Lilongwe has seen an influx of tourists and holiday makes over the last few years, which is why we’ll be covering this particular part of Malawi in this article. If you happen to be visiting Lilongwe for your next getaway, here’s a look at a few fantastic things to do in Lilongwe.

Visit the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

If you love nature and natural wildlife, you simply must visit the Lilongwe wildlife centre whilst on your travels here. The Lilongwe wildlife centre is actually the only wildlife centre in Lilongwe, and is responsible for homing orphaned and rescued animals and wildlife from all over the area. There are so many different animals living there that you’ll be amazed by what you see. The animals range from lions and leopards, to gazelles, birds, even reptiles. The animals aren’t the only attraction of the wildlife centre however, as there are also some amazing wildlife nature trails for you to hike through. There’s a gift shop, as well as a bar which serves food and drink. If you’re looking for things to do in Lilongwe, a visit to the wildlife centre should definitely be one of your main priorities.

things to do in Lilongwe

Visit the Market in the Old Town

To truly get a feel for what Lilongwe, and indeed, Malawi for that matter, is all about, you simply must visit the market in the old town before you leave. The food market is a busy, and at times pretty hectic place, yet it is fascinating and gives a real insight into how day to day life is in this part of the world. Fish freshly caught from Lake Malawi will be delivered at dawn, with a large lorry emptying the catch of the day out so that traders can sort through the catch and select the fish that they consider the best. Various other food traders aren’t quite as early, so will turn up a couple of hours later, with a selection of exotic African produce. If you wish to sample real African food, as fresh as it comes, you have to visit the market in the old town before you leave.

Take a Guided Tour of the Area

Another very popular thing to do whilst staying in Lilongwe, is to take a guided tour of the area, including Malawi. Remember, the area is vast and expansive, so trying to see everything yourself whilst there will be next to impossible. Besides which, as Lilongwe is such an history part of Malawi, and indeed Africa too for that matter, taking a guided tour where an incredibly friendly and knowledgeable tour guide will talk you through the history and cultures of various areas, is really the only way to learn everything there is to learn about where you’re staying. As well as learning some incredibly interesting facts, you’ll also see the natural beauty that the area has to offer, with stunning landscapes, lakes, open plains, and majestic wildlife never too far away. A guided tour will ensure that you get to see all the best parts of Malawi and Lilongwe and that you won’t miss out on the hidden beauties the country has to offer.

Visit the Nature Sanctuary

As well as the wildlife centre, there is also a nature sanctuary situated in Lilongwe, not far from the city centre in fact. It is located in-between the city centre and the old town, and is home to stunning woodland reserves, which cover a whopping 370 acres, all of which is pure woodland and nature at its absolute finest. The Lingadzi River also flows right through the sanctuary, and if you’re fond of animals then don’t worry, because you’ll find plenty whilst here. There is a large selection of exotic birds and mammals, including monkeys and hyenas. Food is also served and there are experienced and friendly tour guides that will walk you through the woodland, talking you through the various animals, trees, plants, and enclosures that you encounter. The animals located here can vary from time to time, with some months seeing an influx of animals, whilst other months being considered much quieter.

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